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Privacy Policy

The essence of the creation of a privacy policy has been as part of our commitment to ensure that you have the best experience every time that you are using our services or our site. In particular, due to the fact that we collect information from you some of which is voluntary while some other is auto generated so as to enhance you experience. This is made possible through the use of tracking technologies such as cookies that lets us provide information that is only relevant to what you need. On the other end, the same policy helps us be more responsible to you our client and thus we encourage you to go through and understand.

Collection visitors details

When using our services or visiting our site, we do collect information from you such as names, email contactsand phone contacts. Majority of the information is collected under your authorization and you could stop or deny us the chance to continue doing the same. In the event you do not want our site to collect information on the information you are accessing, you can disable cookies on your end as well visit the site anonymously which will block us from accessing your details. However, all the details are meant to enhance your experience with us.

How we use the collected information

The information collected from your activities by us some of which is personal is treated with the highest level confidentiality and is used only for reasons that benefit us as your service provider as well as our clients. This information is not traded with third parties at any point in time but rather is used exclusively to give you a personalize experience and inform you aboutservices and products that we think would be useful to you. Therefore, rest assured that the information we collect is in safe hands and will never come to haunt you later.

Usecookies of and tracking technologies

We acknowledge that we use cookies and some other tracking technologies that are accepted and proven to be effective without any violation of your privacy to acquire information about you our client so that we can learn your preferences as well as the services that best suits you. At the same time, we are able to do effective marketing and advertising that positions us at an advantage. Therefore, our customers are the overall winners as we keep and use the information responsibly.

Privacy policy modification

As a site, we reserve the rights to change the privacy as well as the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. This therefore implies that you are bound by the current privacy policy as well as terms and conditions even thou you did not subscribe to them. At the same time, it is your responsibility to check for any changes that may arise.

Visitors protection

We strive our best to offer the ultimate protection to the information we collect about our clients. This is done through the use of sophisticated systems that are prone of manipulations as well as secrecy by our employee.

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