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Terms and Conditions

This is the base of agreement between you and the site (bestcarinsurance.solution). These terms once agreed upon by you makes you abide to all of them as well as any other subsequent changes and updates that may be made over time. Essentially, they are aimed in bringing harmony and at the same time give the site the authority to implement any changes that may be required at any time. The terms and conditions for the use of services at our site are

Age of usage

For you to subscribe to the use of our services, one has to be of the legal age which is 18 years. This is because this is a contract you are making and you have to be of legal age to enact it.

Subscription and use of service

The site offers a wide range of subscription services related to insurance services ranging from car insurance to life insurance. With the use and the subscription and use of these services you also may be entitled to receive promotional materials that we may deem relevant to the services you seek as well as any notifications we may need you to have.

Termination of service

The site reserves the right to terminate the services as well as the subscriptions of a client if we can prove that you failed to observe the terms and conditions at any given time. The site may also delete all the information we possess about you in the event we discard your membership and consequently bar you from accessing the services of the site.

Use of external links

There may be links to external sites that we may deem relevant to the services that we offer from time to time. However, at no point do we assure of your privacy nor the accuracy of the information that you may find on these links. At the same time we would like to make you aware that you are bound by the terms and conditions of such sites. The inclusion of these links therefore do not imply that we endorse or approve the content they offer.

Registration Requirements

As a user of the site, it is your responsibility to ensure that the information provided to the site is accurate and at the same time free of error and correct. You are therefore required by the site to update the information at all times as the site reserves the right to delete the account in the event that we find that the details provided fail to be accurate.

Representation and warranties

By the use of these services, you warranty that you are of

  • Legal age (18 years and above).
  • You will abide and have not violated these terms and conditions.
  • You have the capacity, authority and right to get into this agreement and intend to abide to it.
  • You are not in completion with the site or do not have the intention of using the service for the sake of completion
  • You have previously been removed from the service or suspended from the site.

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